If you’re new to the show, I’m Dr. Vincent Medici. You will not find a show like this on radio or anywhere for that matter as it relates to health. You may even think at times this is not a show about health. You may even think at time this is not a show about science. That’s because this show slips in between the cracks, because that’s where the poetry is. It’s not the bricks–it’s what the bricks are mended with, what we tie all the little pieces together with. And that’s where this show excels. It asks you to become a thinking organism. This is a show about concepts, not data.

I had an opportunity to go to medical school years ago. I didn’t go. It was not for lack of intelligence or lack of academic ability. There was something within myself at 17 years old that made me think that something was missing, and it wasn’t until a good decade later when I found another way to approach the human body, that that hole got filled. And yet, as the story goes, I certainly bit off more than I could chew. Because despite going to Cleveland Chiropractic School, graduating in 1994 as the valedictorian of my class–despite that, I was still left feeling empty. Despite the good intention and outstanding education I received–I felt that I was left with superficial approaches. It didn’t stand up to what it promised.

And when I went to the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese acupuncture school on the East Coast, it didn’t stand up to what it promised. And when I studied nutrition/herbology, it didn’t stand up to what it promised, and when I studied yoga, shiatsu, myfascial release–none of them stood up to what they promised. And yet, I couldn’t get away. I couldn’t pack my bags and go home because within every one of those perspectives–from the nutritional perspective, to Chinese medicine, to yoga, to the different massage therapies to the different chiropractic manipulations, to the incredible gamut of techniques and philosophies–all pointed in the same direction: to get you with your symptoms, your pain, and your agony; with your anguish, your betrayals and diseases–to understand that what was making you sick was that lousy feeling inside yourself that you had amounted to nothing.

Despite all the angles about what to do about the essential problem and how it manifests as disease, chronic symptomology–I didn’t see anybody batting the home run and yet, everybody had something to say. So it became very clear to me that what we were missing was an integration. And all I have seen for the most part and why I do what I do, is simply because we need a more coherent integration. It is with great pain and great joy, it is with great suffering at times, over 20 plus years now that I ask you my radio listeners, the general public to understand on an effective, functional level what I’m talking about in these shows.