Dr. Medici constantly focuses on the fundamentals of how the body health—often, there is no “quick fix” for a chronic health condition. His approach is to focus on your overall body health to help the body heal out of the condition.  For every individual, the path to health and what to focus on will be unique to them.  I have just begun with Dr. Medici.  I am not healed yet.  However, he thinks, he takes time, he cares,  and follows up.  What he says makes sense.  In the short time I’ve been doing his stuff (very little of which he profits from), I’ve been draining toxins from my gums that I can actually taste and I’m no longer nauseous. (sorry for the graphics!) He found a much simpler solution to my bite problems than 2 other doctors had. He is pricey, no more than most holistic doctors are, but let me just say that neither my husband nor I are working right now, we are using limited savings, and he is still worth it.
Barbara ``Batya`` A.
Ventura, CA
Dr. Medici is a very rare phenomenon, someone who is equally fluent in the ancient eastern traditions and modern western empirically based science, and knows how to bridge the gaps between the two AND make it accessible to the layman. He ought to describe his profession as Organ Saver: if doctors tell you you need your gallbladder taken out, he’ll show you how to heal it naturally; if they tell you you need spinal surgery, he’ll show you how to heal it naturally; if your arteries have plaque, he’ll show you how to clear them out, etc etc. He’s shrunken people’s tumors and has the documentation to show it. He was able to get my father off all four of his prescription medications, and when my dad had a heart surgery last year (for a birth defect), the surgeon told him his arteries were “so clear you could drive a Mack truck up there”, thanks to the regimen Medici had him on. For me, he showed me what health really is; how to know it, how to create it, how to sustain it.
Doppelganger Z.
Oakland, CA
I started going to Dr. Medici over ten years ago, with multiple health issues, some were very big. He launched me on a path where I lost 30 lbs and found vibrant good health. It wasn’t easy but the pay-off was grand. Over those ten years, while under Dr. M’s care, I’ve had eight different surgeries with four different doctors and each one has told me things like “you heal faster than any patient I’ve ever had” and “you’re in the 99 percentile of healing.” With one surgery I was healing with so little pain that the doctor was concerned that without the usual pain signals as a warning to indicate limits, I might over extend myself so he slowed down my physical rehab so that I wouldn’t be injured before my surgical site caught up. Dr. Medici with keen intellect, puts all the many disparate elements of health and healing together, western and eastern, philosophy and technology, diet and exercise, in a way that I’ve never encountered anywhere else. And I have looked. His intuition can be startling and is one of my favorite things about him. He has an extensive library of radio shows that are available to all. They are a rich archive of information, experience and healing advice that are an amazing and invaluable resource that will augment your practice. Sampling them is a great window into a potential practice of sensitivity and openness to actual healing. In summary? I’m rejuvenated and feel great every day. Enjoying my life, feeling joy. I cannot recommend Dr. Medici enough. I’m so thankful that I found him. I love this man and his team!
Martin K.
Los Angeles, CA
Before I explain why I have rated Dr. Medici as 5 stars, lets discuss Yelp. Yelp is designed to encourage people to freely speak their voice (ego) to share with others about their experiences with a particular business. In the world of integrative medicine, holistic healing, or spiritual healing, it is very easy for the patient to have their ego confronted with so much light, that they in a sense have to truly see themselves in the mirror for the first time. With that said, I want to give you my heartfelt opinion about Dr. Medici, after having been under his care during the past 5+ years. No this isn’t some outburst from one or two appointments, where my emotions came, and I didn’t like being told that I had to confront certain areas of my life that needed to be addressed, this is the consciousness comment after going through a lifestyle adjustment. What is a lifestyle adjustment? Listen to his radio show, and absorb what is useful! I’m not kidding, or book an appointment……… Yes, you must earn your healing. Dr. Medici has over 25+ years living, breathing, working on the front lines of the battlefield of chronic disease, and let me tell you something, its not the 25+ years that I am entirely impressed with, it is that he has learned something profound from his experiences during this time. His expression today in 2016, is the totality of what he has learned, and that is a rare gem of high consciousness. Not everybody is ready to Hear what they need to Hear to truly heal. That is why you need humility. You need to come to a healing ready to heal. You need to relearn some things, or rather you must be willing to be open to the possibility that you are making some bad choices, and you gotta be willing to embrace the possibility of making a shift in your day to day being in order to combat this situation…
David F.q
Los Angeles, CA
he's the only doctor who delivers comprehensive scientific information and alternate healing modalities with equal authority and gets results. his knowledge of all the modalities is staggering plus he has a razor sharp analytical sense, great diagnostician. yes, we all know the little naturopath down the street who tinkers with a drop or two of this herb and that formula but nothing ever gets better. you still have eczema or cancer or whatever. if you really want to heal, see Dr. Medici and be prepared to make changes; tackle your health issues on all fronts with someone whose knowledge base is so broad and deep you will definitely see results. he deals successfully with a wide range of issues i know, my family and i have worked with him over several years. for example my husband saw 3 M.D.s before we saw Dr. M-one misdiagnosed him entirely despite an 11 page Igenix report, the other 2 despite repeated testing could not give a definitive diagnosis nor a protocol. after three months of running back and forth to different doctors we finally went to Dr. M who nailed it, put my husband on a specific & detailed program which has brought my husband much relief. i highly recommend and trust dr. medici.
Anna A.
Carlsbad, CA

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