Hypothalamus: Central Intelligence System – 149


Mankind has always known that human potential is not merely some ethereal word that you chant in mass or communion or whatever belief system you espouse. It’s not just that–it’s not just ethereal. It’s locked into the physical body, and science today understands this on very deep levels. But that’s not the science you’re getting–it’s not translating to your doctors or classrooms–but it is translated here!

Today’s show is about the hypothalamus and the pituitary–the central intelligence agency of the body–and how they are always talking, or trying to talk, or in communion with the ventricular system of the brain and with the pineal gland. If you can get this symphony, if you can understand the orchestra- if you can understand how human potential is locked into these places, then you’ve done well today, very well.

Hypothalamus–the central intelligence of the body.  Talk to that hypothalamus! Don’t fantasize about talking to your hypothalamus–get in touch with your hypothalamic intelligences.

You had an opportunity on Friday night to talk to your hypothalamus, but in your innocence you just didn’t talk to your hypothalamus…about the fact that we were going to have a quake, an earthquake!

Can animals predict earthquakes? How many of you have cats? How many of you have dogs? How many of you have birds? Birds especially–check the show last week. Birds fly magnetically–they know where they’re going because they have a magnet in their head. That magnet is very pineal oriented. It’s related to the pineal intelligence. The hypothalamic, pineal intelligence.

The brains of the organization is the hypothalamus, and if your hypothalamus is fortunate enough to be talking to your pineal gland, well then you can start to understand health. The pituitary is an errand boy; it’s a clerk. For those of you who know that word and for those of you who don’t–the pituitary is a clerk. A clerk at 711, it doesn’t think. It functions.

Do you want to know where the fringe of neuroanatomy is?  Would you like to know where the fringe of science is? The fringe of human understanding–the frontier? It’s right there, you’re looking at it in these pictures.  We don’t have a science yet that truly understands what’s going on there.

The day of the earthquake, our animals were way ahead of us. They weren’t worried about their love life. They weren’t worried about who stepped on their foot. They weren’t worried about their place in the world or their rent.

Lurking within every relationship someone has with a cat is the inner knowledge that no matter how good it gets, that cat can take off. But that’s why we love them! They’re connected to something –and the fact that you feed them can’t misdirect them. They’re on-stride. They’re navigating on the basis of something profound.

Those animals are not misdirected, they’re not caught up in the nonsense. They’re clean in that sense. These centers are old centers, part of the reptilian brain. The hypothalamus and the pineal were functioning long before we had a developed frontal lobe. And you can look at this any way you want, biblically or otherwise. The bottom line is what we call reptilian centers. They function in animals. And their pineal glands are very photo-sensitive. They’re doing a dance with the sun each day, just as ours are, only they’re basking in the sun. Have you ever watched a lizard bask in the sun? It basks in the sun and all of a sudden it’s doing push-ups!

Mankind has a special issue that’s brought in to figure out how to balance both sides and both sides are usually one way or the other. You’re either functioning intuitively or functioning analytically. Most people today as we gather more and more electronics around us are not going to be able to get in touch with the hypothalamic intelligence.

In that hypothalamus, in that place of mystery are these two nerve lines that are under autonomic control. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are talking to the hypothalamus. You have to understand that. The hypothalamus is the relay point between the autonomic nerves and the glandular system, neuroendocrine. That places its responsibility on top of the pyramid. Outside of the pineal there’s nothing higher. Everything has to talk to the hypothalamus.

When people get in touch, they heal. On one side are our conservative allopaths who think this is all a lot of baloney; and on the other side are people who are delusional–the esoteric, delusional people. The truth is often in the middle, is it not? This is down the middle, down the middle means usually where you find the truth. If you believe nothing, your instinct isn’t sophisticated enough to understand that this is the level where you’re supposed to think.

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