You Stink! Please DUMP your perfume TODAY – Show 442


People stink, and I don’t mean they don’t take showers. Why do they stink? Aftershave lotion, cologne, hair spray, conditioner, cheap, toxic garbage perfumes, air fresheners, detergents that they wash their clothes with…
All these toxic, stinking lousy smells are carcinogens. They are all carcinogens. If you take that to the local research center, they’re going to tell you I’m crazy. I’m not crazy–I can think outside the box. Can you?
How many of you walk around in this world noticing that the person next to you has on an aftershave lotion that is making you sick. I can’t sit next to one of those people. My reality is running away from these people. I have to move or they do, because I’m not smelling that. Do you know what I’m talking about? If you do, you’re vibrant!
If you don’t, check yourself, because you’re a little too numb. If you can’t smell the chemical toxicity that we are inundated with, check yourself.

When nature makes lavender or orange or lemon or cinnamon, it’s got a lovely fragrance. It’s heaven. But in the industrial world we destroy this–we create the smell with chemicals to save money.
All these fragrances are “aldehyde” analogues. If you ask a toxicologist if this has relevance, they’ll tell you no, that the dosages are so low that it’s not a danger. If you get down to it, salt is a carcinogen. Anything at high dosage can be dangerous. This my friend is one of the great loopholes.

People stink! All week long, you’re exposed to this. And it’s just people who don’t have the money to afford the higher level stuff. Generally the cheaper things stink the worst. Should you be concerned? The literature will tell you that if the concentration, the dosage is under the LD50, than your tumor has nothing to do with that chemical, that the dosage you’re exposed to is so low that you don’t have to worry.
Toxicology will tell you the concentrations aren’t high enough.

For you to get a tumor always means some sequence of genes has been persuaded to turn themselves on to produce unregulated cell growth. I’ll stick to cancer, but I mean all diseases. When you get a tumor, a multitude of cells have been prompted by these smells to turn on. And if enough of them turn on, they start going into unregulated cell replication. That’s cancer. There’s always a mechanism that turns on cancer genes or turns off cancer suppression genes. And there’s lots of ways to turn these genes on.

Suppose cinnamaldehyde does it one way, and too much estrogen does it another way, and benzopyrene does it another way. Suppose you need 5 units of cinnamaldehyde to turn that gene on, but instead, you have one unit of five different carcinogens to turn that gene on? It’s called bio-accumulation. It’s the combined toxicity.
Those of you who call yourself environmentally challenged–you are not environmentally challenged because there is something wrong with you–you are environmentally challenged because there is something right with you! I am environmentally challenged. I work out, I live a full life, my body is strong, I don’t stop. Yet I am environmentally challenged. I know it’s not me–it’s the environment. Your life has never been about something wrong or defective with you. Your nervous system can detect something wrong or defective in the environment around you. And that’s a very different way to look at it.

But here’s what’s complicated about you, you–the environmentally challenged. Now what I mean by environmentally challenged are people who can’t function because of the toxic smells I’m talking about. Now me, I can function. I just tell you to move or I move. But you, from the time you were little you were sensitive. And every single time you complained, somebody told you to shut up. You didn’t like your eggs? Shut up. You didn’t like the fish? Shut up. You didn’t like the fluorescent lights? The color of the walls? The nylon blanket? Shut up.
You tell that to a little kid, it becomes a monster inside. Now that child is an adult, now he or she has two problems. One, you’re precocious and sensitive, and that’s a gift. And two, you’re enraged. BOTH of them destroy the liver. And that makes you environmentally challenged BEYOND environmentally challenged.

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