The Hidden Dangers of Muscle Atrophy: Elderly Beware!!- Show 505

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NOTICE; get to know this Physical Therapist and her solutions for either stroke experiences OR severe atrophy WHEREUPON you can barely stand. PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT my clientele or club, BUT this woman really has a calling and I wanted you to share her skill set with you. Accordingly, if you are in dire physical health, BUT still want the miracle, THEN START HERE!
I would purchase this above ALL other machines. BEST, EASIEST, CHEAPEST exercise for the obliques!! Inexpensive, easy to find space for, and great for building the true core!
My Present Favorite for those with Extreme Muscle Atrophy: These are variations of the Bowflex listed immediately above. Please note the cardiovascular Bowflex HVT at 1:18 into the video. This may well be the model I would buy above all others. Note that all” Bowflexes” have the same abdominal options. DO NOT KID YOURSELF! If you are on the “come back” trail from surgery, injury, or JUST plain out of shape AND YOU are over 70, then this machine is FOR YOU!!!
Check out home gym number 3: the Weider Pro Smith Home Cage with Plate Storage. This is for the more advanced older athletes who can’t go to the gym because of lock down, and don’t want to defy the Governor like my buddies in New Jersey. This model is for people who want to to get into muscular training a little more extensively. Please note there are training regimens WAY MORE extensive than this machine could ever facilitate, BUT these are ALL outdoors in the mountains or oceans.

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