A new way to think about your health

Dr. Medici has spent the past 30 years helping people understand how inside and outside forces are negatively impacting their health, and how to use natural solutions to help regain their health. This experience has led Dr. Medici to developing the 50 Laws of Natural Health.

50 Laws of Natural Health


Don’t focus on your symptom, or your disease, or even on relieving your pain: JUST BUILD YOUR HEALTH and your body will solve the rest!

Master the coffee enema. Be certain the liquid in the toilet bowl is some shade of yellow – green with a very foul smell! Until then, you have not succeeded and will fail to reap the wondrous benefits of the enema. YOU NEED MORE EDUCATION

When a series of colon cleanses has been so successful that your lower abdominal BLOAT is gone, and stays gone, even after eating, SO THAT  when you “pull in” your lower abdomen you FEEL and SEE a deep concavity WHERE the bloat used to be. Until then, the cleanse has not been truly effective. YOU NEED MORE EDUCATION

Master the KIDNEY CLEANSE:  until the kidney cleanse causes the feeling of “sharp twinges” of  fleeting irritation when urinating, located in EITHER the low back area, kidney area, or along the genito-urinary tract (meaning male or female urethra): the cleanse has NOT been truly effective. YOU NEED MORE EDUCATION

HAVING crystalline clear perception of what it FEELS LIKE IN YOUR BODY when you SHIFT the autonomic nervous system to the “parasympathetic side.” When this is REALLY happening in your body, you will feel constant, relentless, streaming sensations of “warm lava” flowing throughout your body from head to toe. It feels exactly like THAT! Anything less, then it has not yet occurred. BEWARE: don’t fool yourself in this regard! YOU NEED MORE EDUCATION

Opening the breath: has occurred ONLY when taking a breath creates a FEELING as if the inside of your head in expanding like a balloon.  If not, YOU NEED MORE EDUCATION

Developing your center: this occurs ONLY WHEN each and every yoga stretch you perform makes you “fall back” on your heels. Better yet, certain stretches become so powerful in their effect, you can barely walk. If this is not the case, then you have no real understanding of alignment and still have not experienced center. YOU NEED MORE EDUCATION

Shifting the sleep pattern to dead sleep so that when you awaken IT IS UNCOMFORTABLE TO REMAIN IN BED!!!

 Living with your blood sugar below 90 at all times! This means <90 when measured 1 hour after every meal, AND until the next meal!

When stretching: to be able feel the separation of the joints, not just the lengthening of the muscles or the stretching of the tendons.

 When INGESTING FOOD produces a physical, palpable, warmth in the brain, or the genitals, and often extending throughout the entire body.

Getting the endorphin rush:  You MUST evolve your health practice to the level whereby it produces endorphin rushes many times throughout the day! 

When stretching: to be able to feel the occiput separate from C-1. This will FEEL LIKE AN INITIAL BURNING very high up in the back of the neck, THAT TRANSFORMS into an enormously pleasurable sensation that will expand into the inside of the head and also the neck.

To begin to have food cravings for healthy foods.

When stretching your jaw produces a dramatic alignment of your bite, meaning that the teeth touch in different places. In addition, in response to the jaw stretch you notice that your eyesight sharpens. 

When you no longer clench during your sleep, followed by the experience described in #15 above.  

When water fasting 24 hours produces no fatigue or unpleasant symptoms

When being caressed causes the body to go into waves. This means that your body begins to go into spontaneous undulations much like cat does when you pet it.

Developing either a banya practice or an ocean practice so that the cold plunge or the hot sauna is FELT in the “bone marrow” and BOTH cold or hot feel the same. Until then , the practice is not being experienced at “even close” to its true value.

Cardio-exercising 3-4/week with heart rate at 140-160 BPM sustained in 20-40 second bursts, then resting until BPM’S drop to 100. Alternate the up/down phases for 30-40 minutes.

Accomplishing the above (#17), in a water practice achieved by treading or swimming in the water

Developing the bodily sensitivity to the point where can FEEL that ALL the various cleanses–such as liver, kidney, pancreatic, colon–PRODUCE a greater degree of flexibility when you stretch your tendons as in yoga or HOWEVER you stretch.

Training yourself to RELAX during unpleasant detox AND NOT TO FESTER upon the notion that you are doing damage to yourself. Damage from a cleanse VERY RARELY occurs. One has greater chance of being struck by lightning OR being run over by a moose in the wilderness.

Learning to FEEL the difference between “RIGHTEOUS DETOX” versus “UNNECESSARY IRRITATION” from pushing oneself TOO FAST AND TOO FAR derived from one’s impatience during a cleanse OR any other health ritual.

When your evolving health practice produces a powerful euphoric sense of “IT IS ALL GOING TO TURN OUT OKAY”! This is the critical juncture in a healing where daily adversity becomes a creative challenge and not a death knell. This feeling of euphoria and optimism should last at least two hours.

That the feeling described above lasts all day and becomes the prevalent disposition towards life!

When all foods ingested disappear almost immediately  after eating them.

When what you have suffered receives the credit for your massive success.

When you can imagine being fully compensated for your pain, or disease, or suffering such that your healing odyssey becomes a blessing in hindsight.

When you can discern the difference between conscious suffering  and self abuse

When you sweat easily upon exercise

When, during a healing, the body experiences anabolism versus the sickness of catabolism

When the body experiences endorphin rushes during catabolism

When you can FEEL yourself neutralizing the harmful EFFECTS of  EMF and replacing it with the beneficial Schumann waves and telluric currents

When you can FEEL the powerful effects on sleeping on the “earth” as is experienced when camping in the wilderness

When you can FEEL the benefit of sleeping in a circle, as in a yurt or a teepee, versus sleeping in a square or a rectangle.

When the muscles FLAY OFF THE BONES, and very deep cross fiber massage across the bones is NOT AT ALL PAINFUL but instead is very pleasurable.

When seemingly out of nowhere, AND for no reason, you start getting very emotional and experience everything from deep fear, to rage, to depression

When you experience the emotions described above (#37), AND THEN the time spent in the daily health ritual completely dissolves those negative emotions.

When you begin to perceive the amount of time, money, and energy you allocate to your health as an investment with a GUARANTEED RETURN on making your dreams come true, AND that DWARFS your original investment!!

WHEN you stop caring WHAT the lab results say, and TRUST COMPLETELY what your body tells you is true.

 When on a cold day you feel warm AND on a hot day you feel cool!

When the feet always feel warm and the head always feels cool!

When you “FEEL IN YOUR BODY” and not in your head, that the place you call your home (meaning your residence), contributes a strong, palpable, electro-magnetic  force, that protects and nourishes your health and well being. There is NO NEUTRAL answer here. Either the answer is a powerful YES or it is NO! Few people understand this, and even fewer apply this rule.

When just AFTER you have been feeling your BEST, rashes appear, or fever, or joint pain, or heart palpitations, hallucinations, mood sings, weird smells, even weird memories, and YOU RELAX behind these unpleasant phenomenon, BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT IT MEANS YOU ARE HEALING.

When you PROVE understanding by your actions that “NATURE REWARDS COURAGE”! Please listen to the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMR–VXFyGA


WHEN VEGETARIAN food gives you more energy than meat!

When water is as satisfying as steak.

 When mucus discharged when fasting or cleansing clears your brain, sharpens your senses, and makes you feel one with the universe.