About Dr. Medici’s approach:

“Do what works.” Dr. Medici does not have a cookie-cutter approach to any aspect of health. Everyone is unique, and will have their own unique path to healing.

Dr. Medici is not dogmatic about what is the right diet, about using or not using allopathic medicine, about prescription drugs or not—there is no one right way to heal—and the client should do whatever will move the ball for them with their health. Dr. Medici will help the client focus on what therapies unique to the individual will be best.

What makes Dr. Medici different is not that he’s doing the latest super food, therapy or test—but he gives his in-depth understanding of your health and what to do help the body heal itself. There are any number of fine holistic tools out there, but what you do with the information is what leads to healing. People can spin in their illness for years, doing everything to health but without focus, and going from one fad to the next.

A little about Dr. Medici:
Dr. Medici attended Cleveland Chiropractic School, graduating in 1994 as the valedictorian of his class. Despite the good intention and outstanding education he received—he felt that he was left with superficial approaches. He wanted to see people heal.

He went on to study at the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese acupuncture school on the East Coast, nutrition and herbology, yoga, shiatsu, and myofascial release. He studied hundreds of books about traditional and alternative medicines, and has worked one on one with clients for decades. And then he came back full circle to study biochemistry. And within every one of these perspectives–from the nutritional perspective, to Chinese medicine, to yoga, to the different massage therapies to the different chiropractic manipulations, to allopathy and biochemistry, to the incredible gamut of techniques and philosophies…it became very clear to him that what was missing was an integration.