Dr. Vincent Medici

Dr. Medici focuses on the fundamentals of how the body heals—often, there is no “quick fix” for a chronic health condition.  For every individual, the path to health and what to focus on will be unique to them.

“Do what works.” Dr. Medici does not have a cookie-cutter approach to any aspect of health. Everyone is unique, and will have their own unique path to healing. During your consult, Dr. Medici will be learning about you from the moment you walk in the door—everything about you speaks to your health—from the shoes you wear to the shape of your chin and eyes, to your tone of voice to how you move.

He has an uncanny ability to read people’s posture, tone of voice, subtle facial expressions, bone structure.

Dr. Medici is not dogmatic about what is the right diet, about using or not using allopathic medicine, about prescription drugs or not—there is no one right way to heal—and the client should do whatever will move the ball for them with their health.  Dr. Medici will help the client focus on what therapies unique to the individual will be best.

What makes Dr. Medici different is not that he’s doing the latest super food, therapy or test—but he gives his in-depth understanding of your health and what to do help the body heal itself.  There are any number of fine holistic tools out there, but what you do with the information is what leads to healing.  People can spin in their illness for years, doing everything to health but without focus, and going from one fad to the next.

Are you spinning with your health concern?