Dr. Medici,
I have some incredible results to report to you, and I must say they are MIRACULOUS. I have to tell you that I am ecstatic.

I received my CBC lab report back this morning and my hemoglobin went up to 10.5 and hematocrit went up also to 32.8. My last transfusion was January 1, 2016, 12 days ago. Usually, like clock work, my hemoglobin drops 2 levels around 8.5 to 8.1, but never in the last 4 years has an increase like this has occurred. The hematology dept has cancelled my blood transfusion for tomorrow which will be the 2nd cancellation. They don’t have a clue of what’s going on and my recent elevation in hemoglobin.

My report to you is that I am drinking 1/2 gallon of raw milk per day, following your new treatments and taking saunas to detox at a gym. Also, at the gym I use your stretches, swim a little and after, I take
hot and cold showers…just a few. In time, I will take multiple hot and cold showers. I am on my way to great health thanks to you and your Divine Orchestration.

I am heading down to Sprouts to make a raw milk run. I am going to celebrate drinking a 1/2 gallon right now.

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You!!

San Diego, 1/16


Hey guys,

I am beside myself right now. It’s been 4 days since the latest program change, and this morning I woke up to my first period in over a year!!! I can’t stop crying and I don’t even know what to say besides “thank you” from the absolute bottom of my heart. God bless you, Doctor!!ūüôŹūüŹĽūüíĖ

Yours in love and gratitude
San Francisco, CA 11/15


Overall, things are going very well. I’m continuing with my practice- yoga, stretching, walking and jogging. I’m spending time in my sauna 2-3 times/wk. I’m also doing regular mini liver flushes and the occasional master flush; and of course regular coffee enemas. My diet continues to be clean and I’ve been handling stressors at work much better.

For some additional good news, as follow-up to the liver sonogram I had a few weeks ago, which I mentioned now shows my liver is no longer fatty, I’m happy to report that all blood levels (at least those that were checked), as well as all liver enzymes are now showing normal. It’s taken awhile, but persistence has definitely paid off. Thanks for leading the way!

San Diego, CA12/15


I have a friend who experienced an astonishing transformation from frailty to vigor after visiting Dr. Medici in California. This is the quick account of my transformation from disease to vibrant health.

Starting in the summer of 2013 I suffered a chronic infection I couldn’t shake. Medical doctors and naturopathic healers responded to my symptoms with blank stares as I slowly lost energy and strength. I was out of options. With my friend’s urging, I set up a Skype appointment in February 2015.

After a series questions Dr. Medici understood my condition more thoroughly than any healer I’d ever seen. Following his instructions closely, my energy quickly returned and the infection went away. Intrigued, I purchased a subscription to his radio show and a world of healing emerged. Following his advice on cleansing my excretory systems my lethargy was transformed into vitality. Now I feel better than any time in my life, including childhood. What sounded difficult was in fact simple, all it took was the determination and commitment to follow his advice. As my health continues to improve beyond my most optimistic expectations, my gratitude and respect towards Dr. Medici is beyond words.

Wishing you health and vitality,
Cambridge, MA


Everything started to go downhill in 1997. That’s when the surgeries started. After 15 years of ulcerative colitis, chronic infections, and a hip replacement, heavily over-medicated, hyperthyroid issues, every bone in my body was sore, unable to gain weight, heart palpitations and no results from trying everything both with western and holistic medicine–I felt I wasn’t going to be able to ever heal from being sick, sick, sick and trying everything under the sun. After hearing one of Dr. Medici shows, I listened for ten minutes and I knew that this was the road I needed to go down. I knew he could help me.
That was two years ago, and after a few Skype appointments and and in-person visits and a lot of hard work, now I sleep better, my skin is better, my hair stopped falling out, and my weight is normal. I’m able to work now and am doing 15 to 20 massages a week. I can’t believe–after 15 years of drugs and surgery–how much my life has changed from listening to your shows and working with you.

–JIM B, 11/15


Dear Dr. M.,

I am writing this to you as I am sitting here (having just finished an enema and listening to your show) and I am experiencing what I think they call a major OPIATE RESPONSE – one of the first big ones that has somewhat eluded me since I began this healing/ cleansing journey with you nearly 6 years ago. And I am literally in tears- tears of joy. And I am euphoric. And I can breathe – REALLY breathe. And I am grateful – to you for helping facilitate it, to me for doing the work, and to God to holding the space and allowing it to happen. Now I’m really starting to understand what you’ve been teaching all this time. I want to keep this momentum going and to continue to grow and to heal and to discover that I have just barely cracked open a pathway to my soul; one that is going to open even further as I continue this journey. I don’t know how else to say it. I thank God that I found you Dr. M. and that you helped me to begin to find me. For the first time, I can honestly say that I am hopeful about the future and excited to see where this takes me.

With Gratitude,
Pam M, 10/15


To a True Physician,

Just wanted to let you know we both recently had ultrasounds and Bud’s gallstone has gone from 1.7 to 1 cm with no sludge present and the cysts on his liver have disappeared. The gallstone will cause occasional discomfort if he strays to far from his diet but so far he is doing well. His prostate is enlarged and they found 1 anterior nodule. His PSA is 3.0 and I now have him on liquid iodine with the Prostaven so that should help him.

I was not able to stay on Chanca Piedra. It was to strong for my stomach. My stomach would really hurt after I took it, even in small quantities, and i started losing weight but did stay on it for about 3 weeks off and on.

My ultrasound showed mild bilateral carotid artery disease with mild plaques at bifurcation and carotid intima thickness with no stenosis. This is a remarkable improvement since the last report (12/2013) showed 60-70% stenosis in the left internal carotid artery. I am sure the Chanca Piedra helped but I am also drinking pomegranate juice daily, taking garlic, Deltanol and added some DHA and VenaMend. Also, my gallstones have disappeared. My test was so unbelievable that the doctor and I thought they got it mixed up with someone else. They supposedly double checked and said it was mine. I hope it was but will recheck next year.

We are trusting that when Bud’s stone finally is small enough to pass (perhaps another 7 to 9 months) that it will do so without incident, but we will be in touch and keep you informed.

We so appreciate your guidance through these latter years and can’t even imagine where we would be now without your help!

We are so hoping you will continue your practice in a similar form so we may continue to rely on you in the future.

Thank you for all you have done!!



When I do what I’m supposed to be doing, my skin is pristine.
–BRIANNA, 02/15


I had moderate allergies. I took a Claritin-D 12 hr pill every day for 12 years. Dr Medici recommended that I eliminate grains, legumes & dairy from my diet. After 3 days my allergies reduced to the point where I no longer needed the medication on a daily basis. I have taken 9 allergy pills in the last 3 years.
–BEN, 2/15

The stretching is going fabulous, the herbs are working, especially in the morning!!! Sleep is still hit and miss but I feel good when I wake up. I am hiking and running up hill playing with my heart rate. I am beginning to know when I get to 154 beats per minute because my head starts with excuses, I take a deep breather and go harder for a few extra minutes shooting for 160 and above depending on what the day permits. It’s been really fun getting to know my body. Oh, also, the purple under my tongue after exercise is more narrow and lighter purple for over an hour now after cardio. I have purchased a weighted vest and am going to hike up my hill tomorrow for the experience. I know this is only the beginning of the journey, but I am experiencing more bliss and calmness since my session with Dr. M. I feel like I am meeting myself in a whole new way. I have dropped about 4 pounds thus far.
–CRYSTAL, 10/14


I had an abdomen ultrasound last week primarily to check the liver and gallbladder. A year ago the liver scan result was, “a mildly infused fatty liver”. I had pain in the area, and I had been experiencing headaches daily for 3 1/2 months. And I was not properly conjugating fats. This time the liver U/S was “unremarkable” and other symptoms have been eliminated. So within the accuracy of this tool, my liver visually has recovered. This after doing 11 master flushes and many mini and coffee flushes, as well as herbs.
-BRUCE, 09/14


Loved Saturday’s show on Robin Williams! My mom listened too, and said it was beautiful.
–MICHAEL, 08/14


Hi Dr. Medici, thank you so much for your class yesterday. It was brilliant. I really appreciate how you continue to show the “common” people what we can do to maintain good health and the science behind it. I am very fortunate to have found you.
–HELEN, 07/14


At church, I had stopped harmonizing with hymns & choruses. Sometimes my energy was so low, I only mouthed the words & often sat while others stood. Getting to the balcony I practically pulled myself up the stairs by the railing, tuckered when I got there. Those stairs became my weekly testing ground, with hand held above the railing as I, at first, I struggled like a drunken sailor. Now I stand throughout the service, softly sing my harmony & scale the 30 stairs at a steady pace & in a straight line. Grace of movement is near…. Skin that was ultra dry, sporting scattered bumps of powdered dead skin & super thin, is greatly improved in every way. Overweight has been a problem most of my life. With Dr. Medici’s individualized health plan, I’ve lost almost 40 lbs, over half in recent months with about 25 lbs to go.
–RUTH, 03/21/14


I’m feeling great! The PH is fluctuating between 5.8 and 6.0. The energy level is great. I needed it because I have had several houseguests here in the last month. I am working on getting pilates/yoga up to 5x/week. I have noticed when I get a good pilates session my sleep is better. I don’t wake up as often. I’ve been doing some yoga from Utube and I find even a short session relaxes me. If there is more I should be doing, please let me know.
–BETTE, 04/14


I’m thrilled that I am able to work on painting anything and to realize how well the image starts to emerge from the canvas. It‚Äôs only from God I have this ability; left up to me alone,I could never accomplish this caliber of work. I am pleased with my progress both In my health and in my dreams! Thanks, Doc!


Just wanted to share that after listening to one of your current shows I had my HEPA air filter replaced with a new one. For the first time in years I have been sleeping 7+ hours a night. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Dr. Medici.  God bless you.
–BIANCA, 12/15/13


Dr. Medici,¬† I was re-listening to your show on bone marrow the other day in prep for your last show on stem cells. During the episode, you had mentioned that during a healing, we are to expect and welcome big red bumps and rashes as a result of toxins releasing through the skin.¬† It just so happened that during a series of dry brushing, intensive yoga, perfussive sweating from the yoga, mud packing, castor oil packing and some hot cold therapy in the shower, I now have this gnarly rash next to my liver. I loved seeing it after having just listened to that show on how that’s a good sign.¬† I’ve been learning a lot from you and am so grateful for you and your show. I’ve been able to spread what I’ve learned and it has so far helped a bunch of people. One guy was about to be put on a statin drug because he was slightly over weight. Through learning about the correlation between heart disease, raw fats, and bile flow he has gone from 200 to 185 pounds eating tons of raw ice cream, cheese, oils and cutting out carbs. His triglycerides and LDL has lowered and his HDL has gone way up! He is about to begin his liver flush series and says he has felt better now than he has in his whole life.¬†¬† Just wanted to encourage you. God has truly given you a gift.¬†

–BRANDON, 12/4/13


Hello Dr. Medici,¬† I just wanted to check-in and let you know that I am doing well with my current program. I’m continuing to stretch daily along with taking prescribed herbs. Yoga is going well and I continue to use my sauna at least 2, sometimes 3 times/wk. However, I still have not dialed in a message therapist yet. I need to work a little harder at finding one.¬† My overall strength continues to increase and I’m making progress managing my stress—I’m happy about both of these.¬† I really pushed my hands to the limit at work a few days ago using large pliers to crimp heavy gauge chain link for about an hour. Although my thumbs were a little sore afterwards, they wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes 3 years ago. It was an unintentional test— the type of hand usage that I try to avoid whenever possible good hands or not.

–RODNEY, 11/14/13


Thank you Dr. Medici. Your depth, intensity, ability to teach, and willingness to share makes me feel speechless, I Love It. You’re an amazing beacon of light, and I am blessed to have you as a teacher.
–LUKE, 10/12/13


An absolutely awesome show. thank you so much.

–RICHARD, 10/12/13


FANTASTIC my disneyland – thank you for delivering another BRILLIANT ride! xo!

–PEGGY, 10/12/13


Oh boy Dr Medici! I hope people hear you when you, once again…and again, attempt to convey the importance of educating ourselves, all of us, and taking responsibility for our health. THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT!!! If you ask me anyway. I spent 3 months on my back in a hospital bed, with 40lb weights hanging on ropes that were attached to a big screw that went through the bone in my leg. Not to mention, but I will anyway, from the bed to a body cast, to a full leg cast and, well let’s just say it still wasn’t over. Not even close. So when people say that they cannot afford the time and money to take on the project of their health, well I suggest that they give it another look. For three months I had nothing but time. It didn’t even take a month for this realization to become crystal, and I mean crystal, clear. That is that no matter what your dreams are; to be an artist, to be rich or just to hug your loved ones, to varying degrees your body is involved. So if your body is injured, impaired, or in pain, the path to your dreams can turn steeply uphill. Dr Medici you offer a forum for health education that is, I think, unparalleled. For me it’s in the vault, as they say in Seinfeld. In other words indisputable. Without my health nothing else can happen. And besides…you great storyteller you, YOU MAKE IT TRUCKLOADS OF INTERESTING AND FUN!

–GEORGIA, 10/12/13


Dr. Medici, I was starving, and I’m part Swiss. I’m beginning to activate into my anthropology, pretty sure I had some ancestors that were fishermen. I found an organic farm that is milking 6 brown Swiss cows that eat only grass, they love their animals. I was holding tension in my leg and I had a release, it was ecstasy. When I started to really stretch is when I found this specific area, it broke out with a bunch of red spots, and then it turned all black and blue. Its taking allot of diligence, continual stretching, mud packs, castor packs, and kneading with firm pressure. I’m still working to find more tension. I bought a portable sauna and its been the best $800 I ever spent, lots of emotions have surfaced, irritability, pain, anger, grief, love, all sorts of crazy stuff. The hot/cold is intense and seems to go in layers, sometimes it’s as if I could stay in the hot/cold elements “forever” and other times I really feel the hot/cold and can only handle it for a limited time. I’m shifting my weight into my heals, and have moved hundreds of gallstones. A friend just gave me my first cow liver. All raw and the highest quality Per week: 4 quarts cream 2 dozen eggs 1 lb. coconut oil Milk and Honey Lots of fish Lamb Bone broth soup Tomato/Oil flushes Potato juice Lots of coffee enemas Oh yeah, and some herbs ūüôā My intestinal villi are allot happier. I think now after a decade of focus I’m starting to get a clue. The hard part is being thankful for all the abundance the universe provides me with, I almost feel unworthy. You are a true master, I hope someday I can repay you for all you have helped me with. From the marrow of my bone and core of my being, thank you Dr. Medici, thank you.

–LUKE, 8/20/13


Just wanted to give you guys an update on how I have been doing recently…continuing with the treatment plan and back is continuing to feel better and better! No sciatica, little to no pain! Mostly stiffness, tight muscles, etc. Continuing with treatment plan, going to hot yoga every other day, stretching lots, continuing to implement heathy / nutrient dense foods into my diet, infrared sauna with clay 1-2 times/week, and getting an occasional bodywork session, etc. As am sure you can guess, all of this is positively effecting my life in so many ways.

Got bile! I understand what that really means now haha. Thought I was getting bile before, definitely was getting something, but recently did the master flush which was followed by a day/night of feeling terrible (headache, fatigued, sharp pain/cramping on left abdomen throughout the night, etc) and the next time I did my coffee enema I had quarter size round balls of green condensed bile pop out of me followed by a flow of light greenish (first time seeing this color in this amount) liquid that STANK.

When is the next class? I would like to attend. Loved last weeks podcast! Love em all, but really enjoyed this one in particular.

Keep up the good work! This information / education / practice you are making available is absolutely incredible…everyone should be listening to your shows in my opinion, but maybe it takes someone like me whose in need, or in search of the truth, before they can clearly hear it. I couldn’t be more thankful for your help and guidance!

-NICK, 8/21/13

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you and Dr. Medici know how things are going. The girls seem to be doing well and managing the diet situation as best as possible while away from home. We’ve been experimenting and the girls have found several “green light” foods and are getting a better sense of what they need. I also picked up a copy of The GAP Syndrome and Sally Fallon’s book which have been very helpful and I think things are falling into place.

THANK YOU all for broadcasting STRAIGHT TALK ON HEALTH. I stand enriched for listening. Re: Getting anus squeeze feeling in brain – I do. Thank you for confirmation this is reality. Squeezing anus while lifting three diaphragms produces electrical current flow like waves, pleasurable massage of brain, head twitch side-to-side… a la orgasmic feeling. Not ready to fertilize world with my experience, but delighted you are. Don’t stop. Godspeed, Linda.

-LINDA, 8/10/13


I’m out walking in the dark – stretching my arms out and above me – looking like a goofball no doubt. It’s my third or fourth time through yesterdays show. Finally it hits me. The answer to the second Q about diet and pancreatic enzymes is – a raw food diet. Sheesh. Why was that so hard. Maybe it was the way you asked the question. Really had to work to get my head around it. And I eat a raw food diet! Anyway – I know I’m not first in with the answer, but I can’t be the last ‚Ķ or am I ‚Ķ Still don’t know why the heart doesn’t get cancer. That one’s percolating. ūüôā

-DAVID, 8/5/13


Dear Straight Talk, I have to say that in all my studies and research that I have learned more from a couple of episodes of listening to Straight Talk than I have in the last year and a half. Dr. Medici’s ability to combine health, nutrition, and spirituality has been such a blessing to me as a Christian and as someone who wishes to go into the field of alternative medicine. Not to mention his ability to simplify and present topics in an accessible and practical manner. I do have a request for a possible topic for a show. When I was in my teenage years, I went through a series of traumatic and horrific events that destroyed my body. As a result I had to have my gallbladder removed when I was 23 because it had become diseased and so damaged from stress and vitamin b6 depletion. Over the years I have been able to overcome many obstacles and have greatly improved my health to a level I never thought I could achieve and I only wish to go farther. Throughout the episodes Dr. Medici has brought up the consequences of having the gallbladder removed from the body. Consequences such as stress on the kidneys, impaired liver detoxification, higher risk of kidney damage during heavy metal detoxification, malabsorption of fats and everything else mainstream American medicine doesn’t tell you. I wanted to ask if Dr. Medici could do a show on how those of us who have lost our gallbladders can address those issues. What we need to do to emulsify fats, protect our kidneys, keep our livers strong and achieve the best health we possibly can. There are many tidbits of information out there on what to do, but nothing solid or cohesive. Some of it more than likely misinformed. Likewise, it would be great to hear Dr. Medici’s own presentation on this. This is simply a suggestion, but I believe there are many people (myself included) who could greatly benefit from such information. I would like to thank Dr. Medici for his humility, his knowledge, his wisdom, and compassion. I was so enthralled with the show that I even asked for a year long subscription for my birthday. Thank you, Dr. Medici. You are a voice crying in the wilderness.

-NICK, 8/3/13



For me, nothing! All explained is Awesome! Nothing like this program I am hooked & waiting every Saturday; I feel like in my favorite class in biochemistry 30 yrs.ago. I am telling all my family to listen this program and go to computer to see the pictures. Without knowing all this info., but by and for instinct, I search and now still living 40yrs. overtime! Dr. Medici is the best advocate to remained us that GOD is Our Creator.

-LOURDES, 7/6/13


Thank You Dr. Medici for the knowledge and health information you give us every week. I am responding to your request for radio show about ear. I felt the sense of warmness and a little sting in my ear by doing those movements as you instructed. 

-PAULINE, 6/29/13


Hi Dr. Medici, I stretched to change alignment today. I did the crouching and pulling with the towel. When I stood up, I could feel the weight more in my heel than the toes. My 13-year old son was with me and he tried it, too!

-CHERYL, 6/8/13


Hi! My tongue looks good except the veins under my tongue look a little thick & purple. I will work on this! Wondering about lines on the tongue when you stretch it out completely (sideways) I didn’t hear you mention this and I have it. Thanks. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW. I haven’t missed a single -one!

-PATTI, 6/1/13


I was listening to today’s amazing show on TMJ and I tested and experienced what you suggested Dr. Medici about dog/cat yoga stretching and extending the yawn like a dog or cat do all the time… and I stretched it until I felt the good burn which felt really good and I felt my right tmjoint shift position also… as I have had trouble with clicking joint there and skewed jaw position a bit off center after having a reconstructive face surgery on my cheek and I’m pretty sure that after they had to stick something to keep my mouth open during the surgery several years ago – ever since I had my right tmjoint get stuck very often, be stiff, clicking and skewed position of my jaw bite motion. As I have just experienced a shift in the purposeful extension and stretching of my yawn, even though when relaxing back I felt like the joint went back into its post-surgery wrong position I will continue and be sure to stretch and extend my jaw with dog/cat yawn yoga as you suggested to continuously keep my jaw as relaxed and loose as possible for it not to get back to keeping stiff most of the time even if the joint may be in the wrong position that it possibly have burrowed post-surgery misalignment. Thanks so much Dr. Medici, you are awesomely one of a king, I’m very grateful that you are sharing and teaching what nobody else even touches from you tremendous wealth of experience. Even though I’m a bit financially challenged, was laid-off and trying to find employment, I really would love and look forward be able to travel closer to where you are and attend your hands-on classes that you always mention on your radio show that you teach in your amazing in-person advanced classes of your school. Thanks so much Dr. Medici and I hope that you choose me to be able to receive your very kind gift of prl products you mentioned on your radio show just a bit earlier. Kind regards, Sam.

-SAM, 5/18/13


I just happen to tune in to KBRT 740 am 04/27/13 around 10:30 am, and I was blown away. Dr. Medici illustrated such complex concepts with simple analogies; I could literally visualize the molecular mechanics of what he was describing. I understood immediately the possible reasons for my current ailments. Thank you

–EDWARD T., 4/27/13


Dr. Medici, What a brilliant show today! My husband, son and I all
listened. How we wish this would be broadcast from the pulpit!
Suffering is redemptive and has purpose and is Love’s plan. If Messiah
learned obedience through the things which He suffered, how can we
expect any less? Here’s part of a poem I read in the last couple of
days that has inspired me by Hannah Hurnard:

Can love seem cruel, O my Lord?
Yes, like a sword the cure;
He will not spare thee, sin-sick soul,
Till He hath made thy sickness whole,
Until thine heart is pure.
For oh! He loves thee far too well
To leave thee in thy self-made hell,
A Savior is thy Lord!

Blessings, Love, & Joy to you!

CAROLA, 3/30/13


Meeting the Devil isn’t fun, but purging the negative imprints is a¬†beautiful thing…… ¬†It is a very scary place to be in the world¬†when you come to a level of clarity that most if not all previous¬†modes of expression, behavior, lifestyle, and overall existence nolonger serve you, and even scarier, when you are able to look at¬†yourself and say OMG!!!!!! Who is that moron??? ¬†My fascia was twisted¬†so tight, and I was so tight that I didn’t know how to get out of my¬†own way… Your 96 hours have embraced my souls journey, and¬†thankfully have given me the courage to look at the devils lurking¬†within, and work to cast them out of me…25 hours into intense¬†deep massage therapy, and 8 millimeters of cranial expansion have¬†taught me a lot… Thank You…Just yesterday,session 25 on the rolfing table, wow, the negative imprints that¬†circulated through my body were almost enough to make me lose it, I¬†mean it, but I knew that it was a purging, and that God was there to¬†help me awaken…You can’t believe it until you feel it….¬†Who said feelings are out of vogue, that’s nonsense…. This¬†whole expander thing has been a b*****…¬†but yes there is a promise, a promise of¬†balance, and just in the last week, I began noticing a sense of calm,¬†did I say CALM, like I have never experienced ever in my life…….¬†It is when everybody around you is seemingly acting retarded and you¬†sit there in peace, unaffected… What is that??? I like¬†it!!!¬†It is that the cranial shift that¬†Dr. Medici spoke of? YES I think it is… Can’t buy that¬†in a bottle……….. The promised land is one step closer, and I¬†might be able to get out of my own way and make this time around¬†meaningful and enjoyable……. I am beginning to think that my life¬†is going to pan out, and my dreams are going to come true¬†again…That’s a celebration… Putting myself¬†back together has been a real effort on many fronts, and to experience¬†the value of it is another story, its priceless… Your right, whois going to do this?????? People who want to really heal are going to¬†do this, that is who…You would never know by looking at me¬†that I had problems, but thank you for paying attention to my tension,¬†because letting go of old patterns is by far the healthiest mode of¬†expression that I can imagine, and to expand and make room for more¬†light is what I want to receive in life… So my suffering has been¬†my blessing because I have learned and grown, and hopefully will live¬†to mature my better talents and explode them into this¬†world…¬† I can’t imagine anybody who is interested in¬†health not learning how to engage the parasympathetic nervous system,¬†just can’t, and with those closing notes, I hope to see you real soon,¬†there is a huge part of me that evolves when you are around, and I¬†can’t imagine the trajectory of my life without your intervention…Thank you

DAVID F, 3/30/13

Fantastic show and do not change anything!
–JESSE C, 03/22/13



Dear Dr. Medici, Thus far, the words to accurately describe the depth
and marvel of your shows, have yet to be invented. Deepest thanks and
appreciation for your passionate dedication to expanding, and I’d
venture to say in most cases, initiating, our awareness, our wisdom,
our “Ah-Ha’s”.

–GINNY R, 3/14/13


THAT was one of THE BEST hours you have done! (1/12/13 episode on flu). ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. YOU are such a Godsend. Looking forward to seeing you in your new Costa Mesa office! CAN’T WAIT!

–Pam M,¬†01/12/13


 I love Dr.Medici, and was lucky to meet him when I was a young, very
contently married 46 year old woman with one daughter in 2nd grade and
one in 7th grade. I implemented into my life what he taught me about
extreme health 8 years ago, when he orchestrated a healing plan for me
to follow, which, step-by-step expunged invasive breast cancer out of
my life. He told me that step one was to use a highly experienced
surgeon to remove the beastly tumor along with a few lymph nodes that
were invaded, and then begin healing from that surgery, which I did.
Then he could begin working with and teaching me how to understand
disease processes, while intently working toward critical mass health.
I made the decision to move forward because I could see and feel Dr.
Medici’s passion and knowledge to heal disease, and I had unwavering
support from my great husband to do this because of my prior cancer
history. When I was 22, I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer where I was
heavily dosed with chemo and radiation at Sloan Kettering in NYC,
which is likely one of the reasons that I got the invasive breast
cancer about 20 years later. I was not a candidate for breast
radiation therapy because I was over-radiated 20 years earlier on my
chest. I researched the a/c chemo that they prescribed me for breast
cancer and learned that it can weaken the heart, which was also true
of my Hodgkin’s chemo drugs that were administered years before. I
knew I had to quickly find someone who could help me in a naturopathic
method, so that my immune system would be top priority. I had to find
a way to live in cancer prevention, because this was my second major
cancer, not to mention my multiple skin cancers that are likely from
prior radiation treatment. I was divinely guided to and placed in
front of Dr.Medici right when I needed him. Dr. Medici made sure I
sorted out my emotional issues, while he closely guided my painstaking
process of healing from cancer without chemo or radiation. I followed
his proscribed customized healing plan very close to 100% of the time,
because I didn’t want the cancer to think for a second that I had my
guard down. I feel that Dr. Medici is so successful at orchestrating
healing because of his spiritual strength and love of his patients,
which is more than palpable. One thing that he taught me early on in
my healing is some thing that helped me tremendously then and still
today. When I’m making a decision about anything in my life to ask
myself if it brings me closer to GREEN (like the beautiful healthy
plant growing outside his window) or BROWN (like the dead dry dirt and
plant that was outside his window.) That is a beautiful memory of a
beautiful soul. Thank you Dr. “M” Now that I have become a member of
this website, I can listen to past radio show archives and stay
reminded of what I need to do in order to live in extreme health. I
get to hear Dr.Medici speak as if I were in an extended personal visit
appointment with him right in my home, for a negligible fee. Now that
I have become a member of the website and listen to the radio show
when possible and archives at any time, I stay connected with
everything I need to be reminded about in order to stay and keep on
the path of extreme health.

–DEBORAH P, 01/06/13


I am realizing that my body is in a constant state of constriction – its default position. It takes a conscious effort to bring it into a para-sympathic state. Exercise and stretch work, of course; however, when my body is at rest. it’s never really resting. It’s constricting blood flow, et al. Today’s show was fabulous for me as I cannot be reminded enough to consciously relax, open my meridians and let it flow. I try to picture blood serging through my veins. Hopefully, my body and my mind will re-learn and soon reset their default positiions.

–DONNA S, 12/15/12

The depth of your knowledge and the simplicity and clarity in which you present it is phenomenal! You have rolled biology, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology into one big ball and made it fun to play with. Thank you,

–ISAAC A, 12/10/12


Dear Dr. Medici, Thank you so much for your excellent and one of kind shows. What you say and teach makes so much sense to me. I have listend to almost all of your shows. As a patient of yours I have implented most of your advice to my life. It may look like I’ve forgotten about you but in fact behind the scene, not only your teachings are in everyday of my life but also I preach them to my friends and family as well. They listen to me now because they see my health and my Lupus has improved significantly in the past year. I feel so much better. I am not taking any of the horrible medications which I took for long time. I have gotton a dozon of my family and friends into doing the Liver flushes and I personally passed hundreds of bile stones as a result of doing the major flushes. I am determind to become Biliary Patent. My Cholestrol which was about 600, dropped to 350 after passing bile stones. I am taking care of my teeth right now and will see you soon. I pray for your good health and keep up the good work and continue to spread the “Straight Talk”!

–BUSHRA W, 12/01/12
I’m so psyched. Yes, the radio show just gets better and better….but today you just sizzeled!! At times I laughed out loud, and thank you so much….I have wondered how and where mucus comes from; and now I know. The Lymph show was so informative. You go so beyond where anyone else goes, with honesty and insite. Thanks again… One day soon I’ll make the class.

P.S. I love the way you integrate other levels of consciousness into the explanations.

–LINDA S. 12/01/12


“Thank you for your excellent show! I sincerely appreciate your lecture format. I have NEVER heard this kind of health information, and look forward to listening to your lectures again on the website.”

~Liz B. 10/27/2012


“Fantastic! I was going to “Comment” before the show, but didn’t. It (you) exceeded expectations-as always. You might have saved my friend’s life today.LOVE to you and yours.”

~Dona K. 10/27/2012


“The show is great. Every week you surpass youself. I do tell everybody to listen-but they don’t—maybe you have figured this out. I’ve been saying for years that ‘people would rather die than change’, and ‘people cheat themselves to death’. AND Carlton Frederics used to say that ‘Cancer is suicide on a cellular level’. But I’ve wondered if it’s association(biochemical-phychological),manifestation(more etherial), or XYZ-YOUTELLME! THANK YOU. Be Well & Have Fun..”

~Dona K 10/20/2012


“Great show today (10.20.12), I am a Healing Touch practioner, This show was interesting to me, because I work with many people that have knee surgery. I would like to learn more about Decalcifying knee joints, backs, Aorta arteries, and the Pineal glan. Could you, Please share your ideas on these topics? Also do you have a schedule for you Sunday Classes? Thank You, You are doing good Work.”

~Arthur P 10/20/2012


“GREAT SHOW TODAY, as always! One of my favorite things to do during the week is to listen to your program! Such wisdom and insightful! Thanks for being a blessing to our whole family!”

~Becky B. 10/13/2012


“Looking up the Gobekli Tepe. I tell everyone that is health conscious about your show. Love it. It is the most informational health show there is! Thanks. Keep up the good work!”

~John P. 10/13/2012


“Dr Medici, I really appreciate your last Saturday’s show specifically on “Hands and Feet”. I was on the road when listened to the show and was surprised, and thought this show was like the answer to the problem I have with my toes. I came to you at the end of the “Food” class last September. Now, I am following your advice, and certainly am very grateful for that. I always look forward listening to your show and have learned so much from it; you are truly sent by God. Dr Medici, thank you again for all you’ve done – May God bless you abundantly!”

~Glenna W. 10/7/2012


“Dr. Medici’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the physiology of the human body, how it works and how it heals itself is mind boggling and never ceases to amaze me. His passion for the subject is contagous not only on his radio broadcast, but also in his classroom. I plan my Saturday mornings around Medici’s radio show, many of which I have listened to repeadedly. I have also been attending his school, The Institute for Advanced Nutritional Education, since its inception. All of my classmates are disappointed that it is coming to an end. If you are thinking of taking the course, give yourself a gift and enroll. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Dr. Medici for all you have taught me – both as your patient and as your student. You have truly changed my life.”

~Donna S. 9/23/2012


“Thanks¬†for your wonderful research and work. You have a fan club.”

~Ralph 9/20/2012


“Hello….Just want to say I love your educational approach to health and well being. Last wks topic was great.”

~Sara 9/18/2012


“Hi Dr.Medici– I just want to say thank you for what you are doing: I have been searchig/experimenting with natural holistic principals for the past 40 yrs, and it was rewarding for my daughter & I to attend you class on Sun, 9/9. Much of what we heard during that class reinforced what we are already doing, and have learned. We are looking forward to your next session. Your Friend Fighting Truth Decay,”

~Mareena L. 9/15/2012


“hello! your show is wonderful! pleasant, exciting, and easy to understand. the information you bring so generously is so supportive in the process of one devoted to self healing. THANK YOU!!! God Bless you! the first 15 min of the thyroid show was enough for me to fully understand… sincerely”

~Devora 9/10/2012


“I love the show because I love learning how our bodies work. I love my body and plan on staying healthy and active for my whole life. You bring together information that seems so diverse, but creates a deeper understanding of our amazing biology. THANK YOU AND KEEP PRESENTING YOUR KNOWLEDGE. IT IS A GIFT!”

~Elizabeth 9/9/2012


“I love the show because I love learning how our bodies work. I love my body and plan on staying healthy and active for my whole life. You bring together information that seems so diverse, but creates a deeper understanding of our amazing biology. THANK YOU AND KEEP PRESENTING YOUR KNOWLEDGE. IT IS A GIFT!”

~John P. 7/28/2012


“Awesome Show and Info Today (AS USUAL !!) ūüôā Thanks SO Much !!!!”

~Mary S 7/21/2012


“Today’s show about a woman’s intuition was amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. The truth is truly beautiful. Bless you Dr. Medici for telling it. :)”

~David 7/21/2012


“Dr. Medici, Show #54 is your best yet – brilliant! God bless you – a voice of truth and wisdom in the wilderness. I truly love you for being who you are, don’t ever stop.”

~Barbara P. 6/14/2012


“I think that the show is a gift from God. God gave you a talent and you went on and multiply it. It is amazing what God is doing with your life to help others. God Bless you and the staff!”

~Dina C. 6/9/2012


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for radio archives.”

~Marc D. 1/9/2012


“Passion is the driving force behind this show. Let it Roll!”

~Steve 11/7/2011


“Dear Dr. Medici, Your show is awesome. I think you are bless for such a great talent. I love your accent. May God Jesus Bless you always.”



“Dr. Medici is a superior teacher. I have learned so much from his Saturday Broadcasts. I am grateful to him for all the time, study, and application of the healing arts he shares with us. His passion is obvious, and even more important, his love for his fellow man shows in that passion to bring quality of life to all who desire it. My sincere thanks. May God continue to bless and sustain you Dr. Medici.”



“The show today was great on fasting….being an engineer it connects with me the details of how it really works in the cells and all in what is really common sense in the end.”



“I love your radio show! I have been listening to health shows since 2003. Your radio show is very different & highly educational.”



“I like your show very much and listen on KBRITE 740 AM on Saturday mornings. When I miss it or want to clarify something I thought you may have said, I go to your website and listen to the “old archive streaming player.” I have listened to some of your shows 3-4 times because there is so much information to digest. I thank you for your service to the So. Cal populace.”



“I was in today to pick up some stuff and saw Joanna and I heard you so I drove home with the radio on and couldn’t even get out of the car it was geat fantastic you really spoke so us dummy’s could understand. One hour isn’t enough really … I have e mailed lots of people to tune in next sat. Good job great job Dr Medici.”



“Ciao Medici!! I just listened to your Midterm Show… this is my new favorite! In that one hour you’ve elegantly, precisely and lovingly expressed exactly what I wish I could tell every patient/client that I encounter. This show is a must hear for all of your patients. Thank you so much for continuing to put forth this message to the listeners. You have no idea how much this helps me.”



“This is hands down one of the best shows from you- but I love all your shows! I am so grateful that you are passionate about your audiences healing and learning process. This encourages me. I wanted to bear witness that The Creator guided me from the study of Dr. Marshall and his QRA doctor here in Phoenix, Arizona-that I intuitively knew that I needed Biliary Patency before learning of this term. I then began listening to your powerful show and I further saw The Creator was guiding me to learn deeper the science of the system of the body so that I could understand why I knew-SMILE…THANK HIS HOLINESS! THANK YOU AGAIN DR.MEDICI FOR YOUR SERIOUSNESS FOR HEALING US ALL WHO ACCEPT!”