Dear Class,

Please look at the photo above and marvel at a macrophage devouring a Coronavirus. The question is: Do YOUR macrophages have the true killer instinct? Are there enough of them to protect you from a Covid 19 invasion?

Everyone is putting WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on the adaptive immunity. This is the immune system factory that produces the tailor-made anti-bodies. This emphasis is misdirected and WRONG!!!

Adults ALREADY have outstanding humoral (adaptive) immune enhancing abilities. But not children! Kids need maturation, meaning time in years, to evolve effective antibody production.

Then WHY don’t kids get sick from the Coronavirus? Children under 10 years old have a zero percent death rate. WHY is this true when kids have poorly developed acquired immunity? THE REASON IS THAT RESISTANCE TO CORONAVIRUS IS ABOUT NOURISHING YOUR INNATE IMMUNITY, not the humoral immunity.

Medicine is fighting the wrong war!! Manipulating the humoral immunity (antibody therapies and vaccines) IS NOT where the human organism was designed to work. In NATURE, stimulation of the lymphocyte (antibody producing B-cell) must be accomplished by FIRST stimulating the macrophages and dendritic cells of the INNATE immune system.

The implications of this are of towering significance. If YOU want peak immunity then FOCUS on tactics that will enhance function of MACROPHAGES and the DENDRITIC cells. The lymphocytes are ALREADY there for you.

On February 29th, I broadcast a radio show declaring that the Coronavirus was not going to be much worse than a harsh flu. One month later, the emerging statistics are supporting my assertion. Please, please, hear my 90 minute show this past Saturday, for an in depth discussion of the reality of the Covid-19 threat.

On April 5th I will conduct a webinar designed to teach you exactly WHAT peak immunity means. As always, I will NOT be focusing on the merits of “fantasy” herbal remedies. Rather, I will expand your knowledge bank of HOW your immune system was designed to work, and then teach you about the BIG GUN health practices that will produce high viral resistance. There are REAL therapies and GARBAGE therapies. I know the differences better than anyone. The health practices I will introduce you can take to the bank!

Sign up for my webinar. You must arm yourself with knowledge and superior technique. Do NOT bend over to this viral bully. Our nation is under seige. We need warriors. Please join me.

Dr. Vincent Medici

TO ENROLL: This webinar is on Sunday, April 5, from 12pm to 6pm.To enroll, please call us at (714) 850-1007. For this webinar only, cost is discounted to $100. Enrollments are nonrefundable.

We will email the Zoom link before the event.