Mushrooms and Immunity: Science Studies How Mushrooms Eliminate Infectious Disease – 146


Today’s show is the divine gift of the adaptogen, the mushroom.  As always, supplementation, used appropriately, saves you time. What would take 5 years or 7 years–you can do in two or three years. Yeah, I don’t care what you do–it takes a while to heal. When you’ve been sick for 10, 20, 30, 40 years and you think when you’ve burned yourself out, when you’ve gotten yourself exhausted, when you’ve lived exhausted over a period of 5, 10, 15 years and finally you cave in… You’ve starting to get worried. You’re going to pop a few herbs, do a few detoxes and expect to jump back? You’re going to go pay some nutritionist or some holistic medical doctor for new cleanses and approaches and expect to jump back?  You drank the Kool-Aid if you thought that. You have, in fact, no clue about reality. Don’t misunderstand, that’s not to blame, but you are the public and how can you understand the inside track? It’s about using a show to teach you to think. It’s not data accumulation, it’s about integration. And this is where we’re missing. We’re not integrating.

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