The School of Athens: My Gift of Health to You – 147


There’s a higher consciousness in medicine. There’s a higher consciousness to understanding how to let go of your ridiculous notions, to let go of the delusions you hold on to about what it takes to heal. Everything from “the herb cures the disease” to the “allopathy cures the disease” to “fixing the symptom” fixes the disease–when you’re never going to get away from making fundamental, root changes in your lifestyle. And sometimes those changes may be radical. You may need to pick up and move your place of dwelling. You may need to drastically evolve your relationships. You may need to change your perceptions. You may need to change your professions.

There was a dance we were doing encoded into the books we wrote, into the manuscripts, into the ancient languages, into the buildings that we built. Now what does that have to do with your symptomology? Why do you suffer? What it has to do with are inquiries into the very nature of this problem I put before you today: how do you restore, invigorate, maintain, sustain, manifest your creative force? Is there a relationship between the fact that you have a symptom, you have a disease and that deep down inside, your dreams never came true? You tell me.

Because what are you spending money on herbs for? Why are you spending money with doctors? Why are you spending money trying to understand the natures of your symptomologies and which flushes you should do? Most fundamentally if we broke it down, sooner or later you–in your sadness, in your grief, in your anger, in your fear, in your worry, in your anxiety, in your stress, in whatever you want to call it, in whatever degree of emotional, spiritual derangement you suffer from, at the bottom of your symptom lies this issue–blocked creative force.

The exercise of medicine was to get you to feel your soul. If you don’t have a real sense of that, if your time, your money, your energy in the name of a health concern is not bringing you closer to your soul and closer to a sense of where you’re supposed to put the energy that your healing liberates, you will not heal.

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2 Responses

  1. lslewis777

    This show, 147, is remarkable, illuminating & invaluable for those of us struggling to find the path. Thank you & please continue to cast light in this confusing age.

  2. cvanick

    I recently finished listening to all the shows, and it’s helping me understand more deeply what I am supposed to do. I’m working on the terrain instead of just trying to get rid of the symptoms. It helps me to keep doing the yoga, Pilates, running, coffee enemas, cleanses, eating good food, etc. I’ve had breakthroughs like stretching the psoas muscle, eating for O blood type, finding raw dairy products and shopping at farmer’s markets again. I think realizing the connection to relaxing, stress and the parasympathetic nervous system is one of the biggest concepts that has sunk in. Thanks so much and I love the shows.