Dissolving Your Kidney Stones: The Deep Implications Are Deeper Than You Think – 154


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8 Responses

  1. lookingood454

    Dr. Medici,

    Great show. Loved it . . . . Love it. Keep it up. People need to think. DON”T STOP.


  2. Rich

    I can not disagree with anything you say. I really appreciate the knowledge that you share every week.

  3. Kanu

    Thank you for straighttalk and most up lifting….My story relates well to your straight truths… I bow my head to you.

    I would very much like to have my web site problem looked into.

    • MediciEnterprises

      Hi Kanu, Thanks for your comments! If you are experiencing any trouble with our website, please fill out the support request form on the Support page!

  4. Penny

    Thank You Dr. Medici for all of your research, and willingness to share it with all of us.
    Today’s show was very interesting & informative, but also brought sadness to my heart. A friend of mine just had both breasts removed because of a biopsy and doctors recommendations. I try to get my family & Friends to listen to your shows, even offering to pay for them, but they are not interested . . . . . They think I am a fanatic about always wanting to learn more about taking care of my health. I am so Thankful for finding you . . . . Penny

  5. Carajeanne W.

    Thank you so, so much. I’m with you. Everyone at church has given me blank stares for years now when I tell them these things. “What website for what herbs… give me names… my Dr. says…” enough of that – I really, really enjoyed last week. I want to learn how to do that! (to help you feel better about some of us “out there”) Raw butter and cream, sushi, ceviche, up to 30 minutes now of sungazing, stopped going to Dr.’s years ago and have never been happier and on path to actual wellness, grass-fed beef, mud-packing, joy of reading scripture (out loud) at Mass, sleep well, and I absolutely saw God this morning at sunrise! It was awesome. Love you, and please keep it up!

  6. Oscar

    Your show today was fascinating and informative. I believe calcium oxalate is what cause my Aunt to loose her gall bladder 5-7 years ago for taking to much medication. She was experiencing a lot stomach pain. I mentioned this problem to my Hispanic hair dresser and she recommended an old wife’s remedy if I recall, she recommended to take honey and lemon and maybe some other herb or condiment for two to four weeks to dissolve the calcification that had accumulated over the decades she had taken medication. She did not want to wait for this regiment since she was in to much pain and went ahead with surgery to remove her gall bladder and since the past 6-7 years her health has deteriorated. She is 84 years old now. Your program today validates that if my aunt would of listened and tried some form of alternative medicine she would of had her gall bladder intact and not have so many other health problems that she is experiencing today. Thanks Dr. Medici for your continued radio program hope to meet you one day. Godspeed

  7. Diana

    its apparent, I need to ” dissolve the crystals and suck out the mucous” …after this process takes place, next, is it possible for regeneration of new cells to a moderately atrophied kidney? Is it ever too late for cell regeneration, as it pertains to a atrophied kidney once the calcium oxalates and calcium phosphates are removed? is the GFR of the kidneys found to have any improvement or significant change as a result of the removal of calicium phosphates and
    calcium oxilates? Your shows are like little gems, the more I dig with questions and the process of healing, the bigger the treasure becomes for my health! Best Regards, Diana