Sprains, Strains, and Cramps: How to Make Them Go Away – 194

Once it’s chronic–so I’m not talking about “I sprained my ankle and three months later, I’m doing sprints again”– I’m talking about many of you who hurt it once or twice and then you basically are deprived henceforth of that thing you love to do because you’ve always got to be careful.

What happens when you strain or sprain a joint? Your whole body cringes. You do something called muscle guarding. No, the injured site is not where we muscle guard. We muscle guard the whole body. When you get injured on the shoulder, low back, buttocks, knee, ankle, the whole body goes into a cringe. Think about it. The guy that falls down the stairs or gets tackled in a football game or hurts himself in basketball or lifts something, blows out his back and falls to the floor— that’s not your whole body? That is your whole body.

Then where do you go? To the physical therapist, the chiropractor. And here’s the rotten truth, no one wants to pay for the whole body. If you’re 60 or 70 years old and you’ve got anterior head carriage and you hurt your ankle and it’s chronic, guess what? You’ve got to fix your head. It’s ridiculous. One of the reasons it’s gone chronic, one of the reasons it hasn’t healed is because your entire osseous alignment, bone alignment is off.

Who wants to pay to straighten out their neck or their thoracic when in fact the ankle is screaming? If the ankle is injured, fix the ankle. That’s American. Find it, isolate it, dissect it, and shoot it. It’s the way we think. Yes, that’s the way we think and that’s not the way it is. Try selling that one to the insurance companies. That’s why if you’re fortunate enough to have your plan cover chiropractic, acupuncture, all this and that therapies, your therapists are going to be very localized to the site because no one is going to pay them to go outside the site and yet, what’s the reality? This show is the reality. Stay uncompromising in your desires to see a healing, a complete healing, not caring too much about what people think.


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