Supercharge Your Immune System: This Works! – Show 445


How do you super charge your immune system? Not the super baloney everyone else tells you—like downing a few supplements. If that’s what you’re doing, and you’re not sleeping, and you’re not eating, and you’re not exercising and you’re not doing some of the things I suggest—you’re not going to supercharge anything.

So yeah, you get a little help from this herb and that herb—and I am going to tell you some herbs to take—but that in itself is not going to cut it. You’re still going to get the flu, you’re still going to get the cold, you’re still going to get the flesh-eating bacteria, you’re still going to get sick, you’re still going to be growing broccoli spears out of your head if you swim in the ocean and it’s filthy. These things are still going to happen if you just depend on supplements.

So, just so everyone gets it straight–supplements are good. Supplements are God’s gift. Plants help us. Companies that make good supplements do us a service. But, but, but…if you believe the hype behind the sale of a supplement—which means if you believe that you don’t have to do anything else besides down that supplement—you’ve got to be really careful with that. You’re definitely not going to supercharge your immune system. Now, how do you do that?

Okay, let’s get into the practices behind supercharging your immune system. Ice water. There’s nothing more anti-flu, anti-viral than diving into a freezing ocean and feeling your body get WARM in it. When you feel warm in it—you ain’t getting sick. All of northern Europe understands this—Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia. I didn’t discover this. Look up the name Wim Hof—he’s telling you this. This stuff works. We ought to have these places springing up in back yards and spas. They will if the public wants it.

Do you know what happens to your macrophages? Do you know what happens to your NK cells? Do you know what happens to your white blood cells? You can SEE this. You can SEE this under a microscope. They become aggressive. They become supercharged like they are on steroids.

And after that ice water, how about going into a nice hot banya? Sit in that wood or rock and it’s 200 degrees in there, and then go back to the ice pool. Hot cold therapy—real hot cold therapy. You can also go into the ocean, and then go to a hot sauna. You can go to Ojai, where you have hot springs and then you’ve got ice cold streams right next to it. You can do it anywhere. You do that, you do some variation of that. And if you look at the blood for aggressivity of the macrophages and the immune system in the blood—they’re all running around like wild animals.

So to supercharge your immune system, that’s one thing you can do. Here’s another one–hydrochloric acid and mineral therapy. Back in the day before the medical institutions were owned by pharmaceutical companies, you had medical doctors using natural means to cure people, and they wrote books. I call it the Golden Age of Medicine. It was 1850 to 1930. That was the Golden Age of Medicine. You know why? Because we had enough technology, enough good science, enough scientific method, enough technique, and then we had a lot of medical doctors who didn’t know about drugs because there were no drugs. So medical doctors wrote books like this guy, Walter Bryant Guy. Get the book—get into this stuff.

If you mix hydrochloric acid—which by the way, is the body’s disinfectant—with potassium and you drink it through a straw—it supercharges your immune system. That really works. That’s radical. This show is a radical approach to health. Radical because no one is really working along these lines, and so I call it radical. It ought to be mainstream. So, hydrochloric acid and mineral therapy if you want to do something for your immune system.

Now, what about your intestines? Did you know that most of the immune system is in the intestines? So let’s just do some math here. You’re out there swimming in the ocean and some bug gets into your system, or you’re out traveling on your honeymoon and some bug gets into your system, you put your hand on the bathroom door and some bug gets into your system… Bugs get into your system! They are everywhere. You’re not going to get away from them, and a massive part of your immune system is in your intestines. Why? You’ve diverted your troops into your gut because you eat foods that you think are okay but they’re garbage. When you burden your digestion, you shunt your immune system to your gut and so there’s nothing left in your blood. That’s why we ought to be fasting once or twice a week. Give the intestines a break.

So factor in hot cold therapy, factor in hydrochloric therapy, factor in fasting. And then you can add in mushrooms—and I’m not talking about the mushrooms in your omelet. I’m talking about mushrooms like reishi, coriolus, shiitake, maitake, cordyceps—from great companies like Premier Research Labs, Dragon Herbs, Mushroom Science. Use your common sense and try a diversity of mushrooms. The beta glucan extracted from mushrooms supercharges your macrophages. Herbs do work, BUT along with the other things I’ve mentioned.

The last one is sleep. Sleep. You watch little kids and you know what they do when they’re getting sick—they sleep. They sleep 16 hours. That’s what nature does. That’s what animals do. If you sleep deep, and especially if you sleep on the Earth—you’re on!

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  1. Lynn

    Always look fwd. to your show on KBRT. Just wanted to say Thank You for Natural Health Solutions – Keep it Radical ! Trying to find your fb page & where we can comment & interact. ???