Lying about Covid-19 Death Counts: How And Why Hospitals and Physicians Grossly Inflate the Number of Deaths- Show 471

The following is the full hour show. To download a free MP3 of this show, and past shows in Dr. Medici’s archives, please click CREATE SUBSCRIPTION


Clip One: Openly Admitting Covid Death Inflations!!!

Clip Two: State Senator and Physician Admits Being Pressured to Inflate Covid Death Counts:


Article One: Please Read How You are being Deceived!!

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One Response

  1. Pamela

    God bless you, Dr. Medici, for telling us the truth. You arm me with ammunition to share with others. You are brave & you make me brave. I knew all of this didn’t make sense, & you affirmed it. Thank you. Tomorrow, I am going to church. It’s the first day it is open. Then, I am going to lunch with two of my brave friends where we will share the truth & I will pay cash.
    I listen to Dennis Prager every weekday,
    but never heard him mention going downtown. I would have happily joined him.