Stop The Flu Today: Vital Tips and Perspectives -179


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2 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Great show today!!! I listened over the air, and got to the website during the last ten minutes.

    Thank you for the breakdown of the immunity system, re: respiratory, g.i., muscular. I especially appreciate the sugar-induced paralysis concept re: the large intestine, as well as the information re: why some catch the virus and others don’t, as well as the castor oil + eucalyptus treatment on the kidney at night, for a respiratory attack. Also the GARGLE of oregano oil! I knew about oregano oil for cold or upper respiratory virus, but had previously either ingested it as a tea, from raw, dried leaf, or a few drops of the oil in a pint of purified water…HARD to take, but… The GARGLE, within the two hour window, sounds like the best ticket!

  2. Patti

    Hi Dr. Medici! Yes, I do listen every Saturday. I remember starting to catch a cold while in Hawaii. It was the late 1970s and I was there to compete at their Scottish Highland Games the next day and I just couldn’t be sick. I remembered reading an article by Linus Pauling about Vit C and the common cold. While walking around Honolulu I found a health food store and bought 1000mg vit c tablets-took 1 every hour for 10 hours.
    Woke up the next day-no symptoms! I’ve not had as good of luck w/subsequent colds however-perhaps missed the 2 hr window. Now I make my own vit c by powdering dried organic citrus peels and mixing 1 tsp in water daily. Haven’t had a cold or flu in a long time.
    Take care-love the show.