Endorphins, Dynorphins, and Stem Cells: The Key to Organ Regeneration – 178


Click to view full article on Endorphin Receptors in Rat Organs

Click to view full article on Endorphins Heal Skin Destruction

Click to view full site on Live Neurons Connecting and Pruning

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2 Responses

  1. Georgia

    I can’t waaait to go to class tomorrow!!!
    Dr Medici, listening to this show really got my motor running. After a lifetime of
    hearing that it’s not appropriate to:
    moan with pleasure while eating my mom’s southern fried chicken at the dinner
    table, or…
    laugh, BIG laughing, in well anywhere if it’s too loud, too long (unless it’s an
    obligatory chuckle), or…
    laugh at my own joke, God forbid!
    What I mean to say is that in this show you have put together all this stuff and
    backed it up by showing the science, like you always do. See for me this is what the doctor SHOULD have ordered. Science to feed my mind so I can justify
    the laughter of my heart.